PDFsharp Sample: Export Images

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This sample shows how to export JPEG images from a PDF file.

Screen Shots

This sample extracts JPEG images from a PDF and shows a MessageBox when the work is done.

Here is a sample screen shot:

Export Images Screen Shot

Source Code

Here is the source code that does the work:
const string filename = "../../../../../PDFs/SomeLayout.pdf";
PdfDocument document = PdfReader.Open(filename);
int imageCount = 0;
// Iterate pages
foreach (PdfPage page in document.Pages)
  // Get resources dictionary
  PdfDictionary resources = page.Elements.GetDictionary("/Resources");
  if (resources != null)
    // Get external objects dictionary
    PdfDictionary xObjects = resources.Elements.GetDictionary("/XObject");
    if (xObjects != null)
      ICollection items = xObjects.Elements.Values;
      // Iterate references to external objects
      foreach (PdfItem item in items)
        PdfReference reference = item as PdfReference;
        if (reference != null)
          PdfDictionary xObject = reference.Value as PdfDictionary;
          // Is external object an image?
          if (xObject != null && xObject.Elements.GetString("/Subtype") == "/Image")
            ExportImage(xObject, ref imageCount);
MessageBox.Show(imageCount + " images exported.", "Export Images");
The image exporter:
static void ExportImage(PdfDictionary image, ref int count)
  string filter = image.Elements.GetName("/Filter");
  switch (filter)
    case "/DCTDecode":
      ExportJpegImage(image, ref count);
    case "/FlateDecode":
      ExportAsPngImage(image, ref count);
Here's the routine that exports JPEG images:
static void ExportJpegImage(PdfDictionary image, ref int count)
  // Fortunately JPEG has native support in PDF and exporting an image is just writing the stream to a file.
  byte[] stream = image.Stream.Value;
  FileStream fs = new FileStream(String.Format("Image{0}.jpeg", count++), FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write);
  BinaryWriter bw = new BinaryWriter(fs);
Other image formats are not yet implemented, here is the stub:
static void ExportAsPngImage(PdfDictionary image, ref int count)
  int width = image.Elements.GetInteger(PdfImage.Keys.Width);
  int height = image.Elements.GetInteger(PdfImage.Keys.Height);
  int bitsPerComponent = image.Elements.GetInteger(PdfImage.Keys.BitsPerComponent);
  // TODO: You can put the code here that converts vom PDF internal image format to a Windows bitmap
  // and use GDI+ to save it in PNG format.
  // It is the work of a day or two for the most important formats. Take a look at the file
  // PdfSharp.Pdf.Advanced/PdfImage.cs to see how we create the PDF image formats.
  // We don't need that feature at the moment and therefore will not implement it.
  // If you write the code for exporting images I would be pleased to publish it in a future release
  // of PDFsharp.