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The samples are included in the PDFsharp source code package. So there is no need to copy and paste the code from this site (for some samples we only show snippets here).

Desktop Samples

Hello World is the obligatory Hello World program.
Hello World (VB) is the obligatory Hello World program written in Visual Basic .NET.
Graphics shows some of the capabilities of the XGraphcis class.
Annotations shows how to create annotations.
Booklet shows how to produce a booklet by placing two pages of an existing document on one landscape orientated page of a new document (for duplex printing).
Bookmarks shows how to create bookmarks
Colors CMYK shows how to use CMYK colors.
Combine Documents shows how to import pages from existing PDF files into a new file.
Concatenate Documents shows how to concatenate the pages of several PDF documents to one single file.
Export Images shows how to export JPEG images from a PDF file.
Font Resolver shows how to use fonts that are included with your application.
Multiple Pages shows how to create a simple list that can span more than one page.
Page Sizes shows a document with different page sizes.
Preview shows how to render graphics in both a preview and a PDF document.
Private Fonts shows how to use fonts that are not installed with Windows with the GDI build.
Protect Document shows how to protect a document with a password.
Split Document shows how to convert a PDF document with n pages into n documents with one page each.
Text Layout shows how to layout text with the TextFormatter class
Two Pages on One shows how to place two pages of an existing document on one landscape orientated page of a new document.
Unicode shows how to use Unicode text in PDFsharp
Unprotect Document shows how to unprotect a document (if you know the password).
Watermark draws a watermark above or beneath existing content
Work on Pdf Objects shows how to deal with PDF objects that are not (yet) covered by specialized PDFsharp classes (as an example it adds an OpenAction to an existing PDF file)
XForms shows how to create an XForm object from scratch. You can think of such an object as a template, that, once created, can be drawn frequently anywhere in your PDF document.


Clock shows how to create a PDF document on the fly in an ASP.NET application.

Note:  We'll provide more samples in the future.