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This sample shows how to create an XForm object from scratch. You can think of such an object as a template, that, once created, can be drawn frequently anywhere in your PDF document.

PDF Output File

See the PDF file created by this sample: output.pdf (3 kB)

Screen Shots

Here is a screen shot of the XForms sample:

XForms Sample Screen Shot

Source Code

Step 1: Create an XForm and draw some graphics on it:
// Create an empty XForm object with the specified width and height
// A form is bound to its target document when it is created. The reason is that the form can 
// share fonts and other objects with its target document.
XForm form = new XForm(document, XUnit.FromMillimeter(70), XUnit.FromMillimeter(55));
// Create an XGraphics object for drawing the contents of the form.
XGraphics formGfx = XGraphics.FromForm(form);
// Draw a large transparent rectangle to visualize the area the form occupies
XColor back = XColors.Orange;
back.A = 0.2;
XSolidBrush brush = new XSolidBrush(back);
formGfx.DrawRectangle(brush, -10000, -10000, 20000, 20000);
// On a form you can draw...
// ... text
formGfx.DrawString("Text, Graphics, Images, and Forms", new XFont("Verdana", 10, XFontStyle.Regular), XBrushes.Navy, 3, 0, XStringFormats.TopLeft);
XPen pen = XPens.LightBlue.Clone();
pen.Width = 2.5;
// ... graphics like Bézier curves
formGfx.DrawBeziers(pen, XPoint.ParsePoints("30,120 80,20 100,140 175,33.3"));
// ... raster images like GIF files
XGraphicsState state = formGfx.Save();
formGfx.RotateAtTransform(17, new XPoint(30, 30));
formGfx.DrawImage(XImage.FromFile("../../../../../../dev/XGraphicsLab/images/Test.gif"), 20, 20);
// ... and forms like XPdfForm objects
state = formGfx.Save();
formGfx.RotateAtTransform(-8, new XPoint(165, 115));
formGfx.DrawImage(XPdfForm.FromFile("../../../../../PDFs/SomeLayout.pdf"), new XRect(140, 80, 50, 50 * Math.Sqrt(2)));
// When you finished drawing on the form, dispose the XGraphic object.

Step 2: Draw the XPdfForm on your PDF page like an image:
// Draw the form on the page of the document in its original size
gfx.DrawImage(form, 20, 50);
// Draw it stretched
gfx.DrawImage(form, 300, 100, 250, 40);
// Draw and rotate it
const int d = 25;
for (int idx = 0; idx < 360; idx += d)
  gfx.DrawImage(form, 300, 480, 200, 200);
  gfx.RotateAtTransform(d, new XPoint(300, 480));

Note: The samples on this site usually show and discuss code snippets only. The complete source code of the samples with solutions for Visual Studio is available from the download area on CodePlex.

Visit the new Website for PDFsharp & MigraDoc Foundation 6.0 for .NET 6 and find information about the new version for Windows, Linux, and other platforms.


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