MigraDoc Samples

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The samples are included in the PDFsharp source code package. So there is no need to copy and paste the code from this site (for some samples we only show snippets here).

Desktop Samples

Hello World is the obligatory Hello World program for MigraDoc documents.
Hello MigraDoc shows various features of MigraDoc including table of contents, tables, bookmarks, text formatting and font styles, charts, ...
Document Viewer demonstrates all techniques you need to preview and print a MigraDoc document, and convert it to a PDF, RTF, or image file.
Images shows how to use images in MigraDoc documents.
Invoice shows how to create a simple invoice of a fictional book store. The invoice document is created with the MigraDoc document object model and then rendered to PDF with PDFsharp.
Mix MigraDoc and PDFsharp demonstrates how to mix MigraDoc and PDFsharp.